What we do

Museums and Exhibits
Visitor Centers
Scientific Exhibitions
Content Development and Films Production
Interactive and Technology

The Company

Breeze Creative is an interactive experience design company. We create unique and engaging spaces using physical and virtual elements. Our team of multidisciplinary designers, content developers, and programmers work hand-in-hand using cutting-edge technologies to turn the wildest and most creative ideas into reality. We also offer a suite of interactive products that can be provided as a fast and easy solution.

Creativity has no boundaries, but it has an address.

The team

Avi Horwitz is Breeze Creative's chairman. In 2002 he founded Breeze. Prior to that, he held a series of senior positions in various hi-tech companies. Avi started his career in the Israeli air force where he held a series of command positions, and is a reserve Brigadier General. Avi also holds an Executive MBA degree from the Recanati program from Tel Aviv University.
Avi Horwitz
Founder and Chairman
Sagi Yehezkel is the CEO of Breeze Creative. He is a graduate of History and Economics from Tel-Aviv University.
He joined breeze in 2004 and since then has been involved in the production and management of many projects.
Sagi Yehezkel
Jacob manages Breeze's products and operations in North America. His diverse background in science, technology and business is a key factor in the success of many of Breeze's projects.
Jacob has a BSc in Physics, an MSc in Engineering and years of experience in multidisciplinary project and operation management.
Jacob Ben-Dov
VP Products & Exhibits
A graduate of Florida International University with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice.
Has over 14 years of experience as a Senior Executive Assistant and Customer Support.
Responsible for our Marketing effort as well as logistics, customer support and office management.
Jessenia Francisco
Account Manager
Ben Genislaw is the Creative and Content Director at Breeze. A graduate from the Department of Screen Based Arts at Bezalel Academy, Ben has been at Breeze since 2006 and manages all the content produced by the company from initial concept to final submission.
Ben Genislaw
Creative Director
Oren Inbar has been the VP Business Development of Breeze since 2009. He joined the company in 2006, and since managed many different projects from software to business development.
Oren Inbar
VP Business Development
Graduate of the Department of Industrial Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
Graduate of the Design Experience Workshop, Eindhoven Design Academy, Holland (2000)
Well-known and richly experienced designer of Museological exhibits, visitor centers, commercial spaces and audiovisual experiences.
Director of the space design department at Breeze.
Roy Roth
Chief Designer
Chief producer with vast experience in TV and event productions that takes part also in the creative and direction team.
Reut Vanunu
Chief producer
Extensive experience and advanced organizational skills, responsible for office management and bookkeeping.
Racheli Magen
10 years of experience in logistics and project management in different scales.
Graduated with excellence a B.A degree of communication from the IDC Herzlia.
Gal Cassif
Project manager
Adi comes with extensive development background includes experience in programming, production, QA, video. With over 18 years in the gaming industry Adi has a proven ability to conceive and develop cutting-edge interactive technologies.
Adi Gaash
Graduate, with distinction, of the School of Visual Arts, New York with an impressive portfolio of work ranging from budges, to concepts and frameworks, with more than 19 years of experience as a director and producer Winner of international awards. Ability to work in tight time frameworks, producing exciting and precise results.
Oded Abraham
Senior after-effects artist with extensive experience; expert in design and effects.
Dudi Zandberg
Art and post-production
Richly experienced in content development and management of projects in various educational frameworks.
Chen Avraham
Content developer
Graduate of the Architecture department of the Tel Aviv University.
Tamar has an extensive experience in the field from concept development to the preparation of execution plans.
Tamar Tel-Oren
Graduate of the Visual Communications Department, Shenkar Academy of Arts and Design.
An expert in UX/UI design and data visualization.
Valentin Novitsky
Graphic design
Graduate of the College of Arts Kalisher.
Talented UX designer specializing in interface design.
Elena Gura
Graphic design
Senior Software Engineer , systems and data base architect.
Specializes in computer graphics, computer vision and low level development.
Multi-platform development: Web, Windows, Unix and Android.
Proficient in multiple environments and frameworks: C, C++, C#,.Net, Java, Open Frameworks, Augment Reality platforms (Vuforia, D'Fusion), Unity 3D…
Education: B.Sc. in computer science from the Hadassah Academic College
Andre Podpalko
Lead game and interactive architect and developer.
Specializes in games and interactive engine development, front side and server side programming.
Multi-platform development: Web, Windows, Android and IOS.
Proficient in multiple environments and frameworks: ActionScript 2/3, C#, CSS, Haxe, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP , Adobe Flash IDE/Builder, Eclipse, FlashDevelop, Jmeter, Netbeans, Scaleform, Unity3D…
Education: Game design diploma from the Vancouver Film School (VFS)
Benjamin Stern

The Process

Our philosophy states that our clients should obtain all their answers in one place.
And so we focus all our activities for our clients in one place and they deal with one entity – Breeze.

After the first concept meeting, we try to understand the client’s needs and tailor the best possible solutions to them.
This we accomplish by means of deep and thorough research; a clearly defined and uncompromising timetable;
the design concept; and the presentation of versions at defined milestones
until we reach delivery of the final product.

The client’s involvement throughout the entire process is essential and very valuable
as together we turn an idea into reality.