Virtual Tag

Large size interactive wall incorporating two games in one installation: tag and memory game. The virtual tag brings the classic game to the virtual world children love. The objective of the game is to tag the characters that appear on the wall as fast as possible. It encourages physical activity, develops eye hand coordination and enables visitors to play solo or together with a friend or a parent. The memory game develops memory skills in a fun and attractive way. The themes and backgrounds of both games can be easily changed and customized.

Selfie wall

Interactive photo stand,  where the visitor photographs its face and the image is sent to the system where it  shows the footage projected in a new world.

The  projected design of the world and figure will be customized according to client required content.

For example: Astronoat floating in space, bubbles in the sea and more….

Ocean Sand Box

This marine sand box is a multi-user interactive experience in which visitors cooperate in changing and redesigning the topography of the sand in the box. Using a simple interface, the display adds another level of media and dimension to this familiar children’s game. A marine environment consisting of various creatures and plants is projected onto white sand. When visitors play in the sandbox, they create mountains and hills, changing the space right before their eyes by means of projection –a sensor installed above the box maps the area anew, analyses the change and expresses it by projecting marine creatures in the sea and plants on land. The combination of physical surroundings and unseen technology creates an unforgettable experience.

Digital Ball Wall

Application that allows children to throw – against a white wall – plastic balls that become a digital paint splotch when they touch the wall.


A new product from Breeze Creative, Pic Me On is a novel hands-on experiential product for tourist sites, museums, visitor centers and other attractions that want to give visitors a souvenir of their time there. Pic Me On allows visitors to be photographed against different backgrounds, such as sites and historical backgrounds without the need for a green screen.

Visitors select the background by hand gesture and the photo is sent to their email. Pic Me On is already in use at a number of sites and has been enthusiastically received.

Trivia Globe

Trivia Globe is an innovative game that presents global dilemmas to visitors about which they need to make decisions together.

Farmer Simulator

An interactive game that places visitors in farmers’ boots for an entire growing season.

Interactive Periodic Table

A novel means of getting to know the Periodic Table through a unique game in which visitors fire protons and neutrons with “cannons” and change the elements in the Periodic Table.

Interactive Cinema

The Interactive Cinema is a groundbreaking development from Breeze Creative and Cinema City. The Interactive Cinema allows the audience to impact the development of the plot as they watch the film and to fully participate in the experience.

The technology is based on advanced methods of image and sound processing. A system of sensors installed in the theater tracks the audience at any given moment and the film’s plot develops in accordance with the audience’s decisions smoothly and in real time.

The Interactive Cinema is installed in the theaters of Cinema City in Israel and can be installed in standard movie theaters anywhere in the word, opening a new and unique window onto the cinema experience.


The touch screens of the Finnish firm MultiTouch, which come in two sizes: 46 inches and 55 inches. Today, these screens are the height of global multi-touch technology. Breeze Creative implemented the largest multi-touch screen project in the world, in the context of which a wall of 25 screens was built. We can tailor solutions to the client’s needs in terms of technology, application development and content design.

IFLY Flight Simulator

IFLY is a simulator incorporating special hardware with software, interface and 3D animation that was developed by Breeze Creative for a hands-on flying simulation. The simulator is a realistic game that can be tailored to the client’s requirements.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology incorporates 3D elements into live video. The video undergoes a digital process and thus the 3D layer is achieved. In other words, the digital process combines the real world and the virtual world – in real time! Breeze Creative is a pioneer and a leader in this field in Israel.

Breeze Creative has amassed wide-ranging experience in a number of forms of Augmented Reality technology, including displays in visitor centers, interactive applications and flash applications incorporating Augmented Reality. Breeze Creative is part of the global partner network of the French firm Total Immersion, which leads the world in the field of Augmented Reality.